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Posted: 07 Jan 2007, 19:31
My mom and I are starting the Fat Smash Diet and are hoping it works for us also. I am very excited and think as long as you have a partner to ride the road with you the pounds will shed. Well good luck to us as we start this healthy journey.

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Posted: 07 Jan 2007, 19:44
My step-mom and I are also starting the Fat Smash Diet tomorrow will be our first day. Maybe we can trade recipes and encouragement, too. Well good luck!!!

When the going gets tough the tough stick with it not run away!

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Posted: 15 Jan 2007, 12:45
Hi...I just started the Fat Smash Diet today, my only issue is that I am on my own. I tried to get my husband to join me, but he really isn't interested yet....I am very stoked to be doing this. I got the info from a friend at work and it really worked for him and his wife, so that really motivated me to do this. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Best of luck to you all!

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Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 23:35
Hi I just found this site today and signed up right away. I have been on the fat smash diet for 4 days now and I think it is going good although I would love to step on the scale but I have to tough it out. I also have noone doing this with me and that makes it alot harder. in fact this morning when I got up there were some recesee peanut butter cups sitting on the counter but all I did was move them out of the way and then told my husbnd to take care of them. he proptly ate them. But I live with him and his parents and there idea of diet food is 3 pieces of deep fried fish or a whole bag of sunflower seeds. but I think I can do this and if anyone wants to chat with me feel free to message me. I could really use some encouragement.

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Posted: 17 Jan 2007, 16:41
Hi strange_girl44....no worries, you will be just fine! I am alone with this diet also, but I make it work for me. I am only on day 3, it is hard, but I keep pushing myself. I know I can do this and I know you can also. I would so love to step on a scale, but I stop myself. It is hard considering I work out every day and there is one right there to do so! At home it isn't such a problem, the scale is in another room so I don't think about it! I think waiting will be more rewarding then weighting early. My situation is a little different from yours in the fact that my husband and son are very supportive of my decision, but even if they were not, I am doing this for myself and that is what matters. Once you get past the first phase I hear it gets a little easier since you can eat small portions of meat. When they fry it you broil it or how ever you have to do it. Just remember that you are doing this for a reason and you have to always keep that in mind! Best of luck and remember we are here for support. I know one day I will need it too!!! Very Happy

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Posted: 23 Mar 2007, 13:16
Hi, I just found this website and I am in day 3 of the detox phase. I have a very supportive boyfriend who is doing this with me as well but I wanted to be able to speak to others that are going through this too. Any help is appreciated. I am just having bad stomach aches I guess due to all the fruit and other good stuff that I haven't eaten that much of in a long time.

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Posted: 27 Mar 2007, 21:11
I start Phase 3 tomorrow. So far, I've lost 14.5 lbs. (in about 30 days). My coworkers call me the "Nazi Dieter" because I'm so strict. It's not that I'm strict, I just want to eat healthy. I've done Atkins and Weight Wathers before I had my daughter (she's 18 months now) with great results but this way of eating is more like a new way of life for my family. WW allows you to eat processed foods, something I'm trying to get away from, not to mention counting points - I don't want to associate my food with numbers. Atkins has, too, many limitations. My husband is the one who introduced me to this diet and he is doing it half *ss. I've come to realize that I don't need him to do it with me or for me. I stay motivated by knowing it's not about the weight I lose (even though it is a big plus), it's about the healthy things I'm feeding my family. My only thing I'm NOT doing is exercising. I will eventually. I run after my toddler. I consider that my cardio and weight training. Smile

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Posted: 29 Mar 2007, 08:15
Strict is the best. Any diet is just about following the plan closely and fat smash really does the trick if you stick to it. I also agree that you don't need to do a heap of exercise to lose weight, just a little.

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Posted: 18 Jul 2007, 12:45
I also just started this diet, but I am doing the Extreme version. I am lucky to have a friend who is doing it with me so we are both keeping each other motivated. I thought it would be hard to stick to, but so far I am doing well. I am regimented in planning my meals the day before so I don't stray or want to eat anything outside of the plan. I am only on day 3 so we'll see in about a week or so. I refuse to get on the scale until the first week or cycle is over, but I can feel a difference in my body and some clothes fit a tad looser so we'll see. Well good luck to everyone!

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Posted: 19 Jul 2007, 04:56
I've been looking into the Fat Smash Diet and when I found this site I decided to sign up and give it a whirl. My fiancee is doing Atkins and he swears by it, but for some reason it just doesn't work as well for me as it does for him and we can eat the exact same things and do the same exercises! It's so frustrating. Anyway, good luck to everyone out there in the dieting world. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for myself Cool

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Got to get serious
You can do it - don't give up! The key for me is to relentlessly weigh and measure everything I put in my mouth. And log it completely honestly. And bulk up all my meals with lots of veggies.
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I spend a great deal of time on Facebook and I am always looking for friends there. If you are on Facebook and want a diet buddy please look me up. My name is Holly Naim on there. Thank you
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Drink lots of water. If you can, try drinking the Benefiber packets in your bottled water. It keeps you feeling full which helps during the detox phase and it helps with bloat, belly fat, and energy.
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