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Posted: 03 Feb 2015, 17:59
breakfast- 1 egg lunch homade soup with turkey or chicken,onion,green beabout one and a half cups, dinner- four oz of meat three cups of tossed salad or sometimes two cups tossed salad wit olive oil and vinegar, and a half cup of green beans. occasionally i will have Atkins chocolate peanut candy in the afternoon. On Thursday when i am out, i have a food bar for breakfast, and a Atkins bar for lunch. Than that day i have the usual 4or 5 oz of some type of meat and i usually have a half a cup of diet jell-o with two Tbs. of coolwhip most nights. This will give you a ideal of what i have been eating. I have a cookbook by Atkins, but it calls for to many things that i don't have.

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Posted: 04 Feb 2015, 06:14
From what you've posted I would say that you're not eating enough. When you do Atkins you need to consume at least 20 net carbs a day 15 of veggies and 5 of cheeses and /or creams. When I input your foods into my food diary I only come up with 500 calories total for the day, way too low. and only 12 net gms of carbs.
I know it goes against our ideas of eating less = lose more, but you do need to eat to lose.
The food bar probably contains sugars and therefore will prevent you from going into ketosis and many people find that the Atkins bars stall their weight loss too. try eating real foods not processed if you really want the Atkins way to work. And eating only 2 bars during the day is definitely not enough.
If it is a plant, eat it, if it comes from a plant, don't!

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Posted: 08 Feb 2015, 01:55
From above.....Good Advice!!! And take a look at my food entries... I am really good at keeping track of my food, except for the times that i am on maintenance (or sick and in the hospital, which tends to be more often than I like)...those are the times i don't track because i don't feel i need to. the scale tells me how i am doing, and to be honest, so do i! but you need to eat more and be more creative with your food choices or you will never last on careful with the meal replacement bars too...they are good in a pinch but try not to make a habit out of them... try eating 2 eggs and add a slice of bacon, ham, or sausage to breakfast. don't skimp at lunch, add hummus or avocado...make your own chicken salad or egg salad to eat with a green salad (and use kens salad dressing or newmans own dressings, they have very little added sugar). For dinner eat a few more ounces of meat and try a new veggie out.I fell in love with Kohlrabi! I had to ask the guy at the farmers market "what is it and what do i do to it to eat it?" the idea isn't to starve yourself...i rarely feel "hungry". and there are some really fun and interesting recipes out there...enjoy the journey, it takes times, but do it the right way and it will be a breeze!

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