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Posted: 04 Dec 2006, 02:46
Have only been dieting for ~2 months but my progress has been the best in so long that I can't remember.

Shouldn't call it a diet but a better balanced lifestyle and approach to looking after myself.

The saying "You are what you eat" is so true


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Posted: 30 Dec 2006, 21:20
Congratulations Susan!...I think feeling better and having more energy is the greatest reward. Keep on truckin'!.Very Happy

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Posted: 19 Dec 2007, 09:58
Great job Susan keep on doing what you are doing. The pay off is great and remember if you mess up get back on that wagon. Good luck
God Bless

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Congratulations - its an excellent feeling to break through a plateau. Well done. Keep up the good work.
by janetmay on 21 Sep 20 05:46 AM
Menopause is temporary and after its over everything will come right again.
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* New Beginning! So Happy! * :)
Congratulations on deciding to lead a healthy life. Good luck and keep on keeping on. You will succeed.
by janetmay on 21 Sep 20 05:43 AM
51 lbs down
163 lbs this morning. 51 lbs down. Keep fighting the good fight guys and gals, it's worth it!
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