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Posted: 20 Jan 2015, 14:32
Does anyone know of an APP that lets you enter all of your dishes ingredients, and then totals out the calories for you based on the total servings you programmed the dish to serve?

Please tell me that somewhere out there - this has already been done for those of us that do a lot of cooking.

I tend to get frustrated in having to enter every ingredient then portioning it to get our total calories for 1 dish at one meal.

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Posted: 20 Jan 2015, 14:41
Perhaps this will help?

Very Happy

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Posted: 20 Jan 2015, 15:00
I LOVE that site Ella!! I use it all the time! Very Happy
I have to keep pushing...

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Posted: 21 Jan 2015, 09:03
When you add a new recipe in "My cook book" on your profile, you can add your ingredients and then it will calculate number of calories per serving. Then you can add single serving to your food journal.

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