Protein Cartb and Fat ratio

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Posted: 02 Jan 2015, 09:00
I've only counted calories to lose weight. Now I want to look at protein carbs and fat. Below is some info I found for supposedly healthy fat burning. I would like to verify this with my FS friends that know this stuff. Please comment what you know to be true.

Carbs 47%
Protein 23%
Fat 30%

This doesn't seem correct to me, but what do I know..


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Posted: 02 Jan 2015, 09:27
Those numbers are good if you're working out a lot. If you are pretty sedentary that many carbs aren't really needed. Every single person is different and trying to find a ratio that will work for you through Google is pretty much impossible. If you want to build a Macronutrient balance that is specific to your fat loss needs, I would recommend that you hire a nutritional expert to help you figure it out.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2015, 11:50
Great info from Chad as always. However, I have had success using the IIFYM calculator (you can Google it). Some think it is a bit heavy on the protein recommendation, but you can play with it and try different settings for a while and see how they affect you. I choose my own calorie total, but attempt to hit the recommended protein, fat, and fiber numbers each day. Good luck!

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Posted: 02 Jan 2015, 14:38
Chadlius88 and Draglist, thanks for the feedback.
Happy New Year.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2015, 21:09
that IIFYM calculator is fabulous - it really made short work of the job of figuring out my ratios and calorie intake level - and happily, it was fairly close to what this site had told me (in calories at least) which is reassuring lol..

here's the link for you curley-top!

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