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Posted: 31 Dec 2014, 09:33
I can't seem to figure out how someone can customize their own diet and change the name??? I see other people doing it but can't seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2015, 21:33
do you mean enter a custom food? if so, here are the steps:

choose which meal you want to add a food to (lets say breakfast) and then click on the green plus sign below that heading. This will open up a search box so you can check to see if it hasn't already been added to the database.. check to make sure.. lets say you want to add something that doesn't come up in a search.. ...

under the search results box, you will see a little blue "+ add new food" link to the bottom left of the search results box. Click on that. It wil then start a new entry by asking you if you want to add that item you looked for, to the database. Answer "yes"...

this brings up yhe page "My Food Diary - Add Item To Food Database"... then you answer the questions like this -

1. Who makes this food?... for example, if it is a Tesco store brand food, you would choose "supermarket" then type in Tesco. If it is something you made yourself, then choose the option None of the above, My own custom food entry...

2. Food or Product name? this is where you fill in the full name of the item - for branded items, fill in the item first, then the brand.

3. Nutritional Facts.. this is the info from the nutritional facts breakdown usually found on the back of the label - they show an example. One thing you will need to remember, if like me you like to set it up in values per 100 grams, you will need to put a "1" in the serving blank, then fill in 100 in the metric serving size blank below it, making sure to also choose the grams value. Fill in as much of the info as you have from the label.

4. Nutritional Composition for this, just choose the appropriate food group

5. Additional Description/Notes (e.g.: Packaging Info): this is optional

6. Sharing (brand/off the shelf products only).. this is only necessary if you want to use it and only applies to branded items not home made

you're finished! just save and voila!

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