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Posted: 17 Nov 2014, 19:55
Think out loud is a website about daily challenges and the answer to questions about life, love, relationships, work and career, weight loss, self awareness, people, health, goals, motivation,
Overcoming obstacles, confidence, self-love lifestyle and just about daily thoughts and problems.

Oprah said in an interview that “the best teacher is your life”. I’m so excited to share my life, my challenges and my experiences through this website in hopes that I can share the raw life experiences, research, and theories that can answer any of you daily questions.

My goal is to inspire and motivate you to be whoever you want to be, get what you want in every aspect of your life, find answers to your questions, and share information that is relatable and useful.

This page incorporates both video and written articles by me and also includes links to articles and videos that have helped me develop my theories and can help you find answers and help you to attain a level of self awareness that allows you to conquer anything.

I want to enlighten everyone and raise a level of consciousness. I want to connect ideas and stories to empower us to think differently, to reach our goals, and discover ourselves to live a better life.

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I did fruit fast. Temporary weight lost. Once started back eating food, actually weight bounced back twice, muscles were paining, and heart beat was irregular. I would not recommend fruit fast.
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