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Nanas diet

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Posted: 12 Nov 2014, 12:48
I updated my Fat Secret app last night, now my phone is not syncing with the website other than my weight? Anyone else having problems? I tried manually syncing several times, but still didn't? Help

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Weigh in now entries
i was logging weight daily. must have hit something wrong because now it will only allow me to enter every 2 days. can anyone help me change it to being able to log weight daily again?
by pudgefish1 on 01 Aug 21 01:27 PM
Adding multiple recipes
I guess not since no one answered. I wonder this too btw.
by dEBBY4576 on 31 Jul 21 07:54 PM
How do I unfollow
Need to find a way to unfollow a few people, just filling up my inbox and want to trim these posts thanks
by Morninglory1121 on 28 Jul 21 09:45 AM
Vitamins - DV instead of MG?
I went to enter a new food today and all of the vitamins were in mg and mcg. Is the FDA changing the labels to display the actual amounts instead of DV? As far as I know they are not. Even if they are ...
by AGrayOne on 27 Jul 21 04:35 PM
water tracker
You can't add water. It doesn't track water like MyFitnessPal does (at least when I used MyFitnessPal years ago).
by AGrayOne on 27 Jul 21 04:31 PM

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