If Jennifer Lopez can lose 20 pounds, so can we

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Posted: 01 Jul 2014, 06:52
Smile 158 I weighed in this morning, I am determined to make it to my first goal of 150Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

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Posted: 01 Jul 2014, 15:06
YES WE CAN!!! Wish I had her economical resources and free time for the gym though!!!

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Posted: 03 Jul 2014, 19:22
Lol!!! I guess her 300 million networth does not hurt!!!

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Posted: 03 Jul 2014, 19:33
Start weight ~ Jan. 2012 ~ 205
~ "I can't control everything in my life, but I can control what I put in my body."
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Posted: 03 Jul 2014, 19:34
When we do it, we do it on our own. When a wealthy celebrity does it, they hire a team of private chefs, nutritionist, and trainers to help them reach their goals. And they have an incentive of contracts that may be worth millions of dollars.

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Posted: 03 Jul 2014, 21:44
Lopez situation makes losing simple when you've got the support as eKatherine states. For us, it's truly the desire to push ourselves, depend on our personal support system and have the drive to do it without all the bells and whistles. It's more a challenge for us, therefore, we can be proud of what we've accomplished.

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Posted: 03 Jul 2014, 22:12
When you think of Oprah, with all her resources, could not get to her weight. Just think, we're achieving something Oprah couldn't. That list is a short one, I'm sure. lol

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Posted: 03 Jul 2014, 22:38
Thanks for all comments- what actually got my attention was the cover of us magazine and her age being 44, I was thinking ok I am age 45 - if she can do it, so can I- her weight has gone up and down over the years- but you are correct she has unlimited resources- but her body is more close to the average woman than most of the famous women of today- or if you look at jerry hall age 57 and four kids and she is older but has still kept her looks- but even she admits luck has been on her side - as far as Oprah you got to love her -she can even laugh and admit her weight struggles- Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!

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Posted: 04 Jul 2014, 04:57
Guys, let us ditch the excuses. I actually gained this week myself BUT I forced myself to see it for what is. I did not stick to my plan and in most cases I did not plan at all. I agree with maunikmtl on the example about Oprah. For every celeb who loses weight, there are 10 other wealthy people out there struggling with weight.

It just cannot be about the money.

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Posted: 04 Jul 2014, 13:44

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