Disapointing Week

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Posted: 27 Jun 2014, 07:56
What a disappointing week. I've strayed from my diet because a matter of convenience. I don't think it is fair to gain 4 pounds in one day for having a slice of pizza. I've been under my 1200 a day calorie diet. I guess its a matter of adding the exercise especially at my age it seem that I no longer have a metabolisim. Could be stress. Maybe its time to seek professional help under the care of a doctor to monitor my progress.

Have a great weekend.

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Posted: 27 Jun 2014, 07:58
The weight after the pizza is water. Your body will add four grams of water to every carb gram you overeat in the short term. If you go back to your diet, after a few days that extra water will leave. Get back on track and you'll be fine!

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Posted: 27 Jun 2014, 13:06
Most interesting Draglist, Thx
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Posted: 27 Jun 2014, 13:16
You bet. NorthernMusician taught me that as I did my 29 pound Easter binge. I gained that much in about eight days. But lost it all in about two weeks upon my return to normalcy! The proof is in my weight history!

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Posted: 27 Jun 2014, 13:28
interesting theory, i'm bound to test numerous times in the future (*lol*)
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Posted: 27 Jun 2014, 15:06
Agree the salt in the pizza has caused temporary weight fluctuation. Stick with it.

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Posted: 27 Jun 2014, 15:28
I think there's a limit to that 4 gram rule- I'm pretty sure it's referring to glycogen (readily available energy your body stores) where 1 gram uses 3 grams of water to store it. But your glycogen stores are not infinite, so I don't think it's the whole story behind that 29 pound gain. Retaining water in general though can make a big difference in your weight in the short term and frankly,it's the only thing that does. You don't put on 1, 2 or 5 pounds of fat overnight, just like you don't lose it overnight either. You gain or lose fat and muscle over longer periods of time, but those gains and losses are obscured by the water. Storing energy, excess salt, sore muscles and hormones can all cause more water retention.

Some perspective: 1 gallon of milk weighs about 8 pounds. So 4 pounds of fluid is the equivalent of a half gallon of milk, which isn't that much compared to the size of your body. Another important reason why you shouldn't get to hung up on the scale - it's easily distorted.
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