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Posted: 06 Feb 2014, 11:57
I've been on the Atkins diet since January 19th and I thought I was finally losing weight because I went from 192 down to 184. I'm eating less calories and carbs than I've ever eaten in my life and I was down to 184 but now my weight has gone back up to 186.5. It looks like it's going in the opposite direction again. I don't know what more I can do except give up eating altogether!!!! I'M THOROUGHLY DISCOURAGED!!!!

Everybody tells me that it's easy to lose weight the first couple of weeks because it's all "water weight" that you lose. If that's the case, when will I actually start to burn off some of the FAT?

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Posted: 06 Feb 2014, 15:19
Taking daily fluctuations aside, I had that same problem last month although I don't follow any specific diet. My weight shot up instead of down despite going to the gym almost every day since early November and it didn't seem to want to go down. The weight started going down again when I increased my daily calorie intake; went down 3 lbs. in a matter of days but I don't do a daily weigh in at this point.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2014, 12:42
Atkins is so amazing! It will make your body so healthy for your life. But in order to enjoy the huge benefits of Atkins you have to give it your all and do it totally correctly.

I took a quick look at your diet calendar and I can definitely give you some advice.

Induction is 20 NET carbs per day, not less, with 12-15 of them coming from veggies. (the veggies are NON-negotiable)

Women must eat at least 1500-1800 calories per day.

60-70% of your calories should be from fat.

Green peas, cottage cheese, and beet are all not Induction foods.

Once you've revamped your menu to reflect the guidelines of Atkins I'm positive you'll have lifetime success!

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