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Posted: 08 Oct 2013, 05:50
Good Morning everybody.

First post....

This journey started with a trip to the opticians - of all places. During the eye examination the optician advised me I had early precursors that might possibly develop into Macular Degeneration - a form of retinal degeneration that has retinal cells fail leaving a grey blind spot floating in the centre of your field of vision. He told me it was very unusual to see these indicators in someone so young - 58 - and strongly advised me to go to my GP for a full health check up.

I'm halfway through that now - just had my blood tests, and have an appointment for feedback on the 23rd October.

But with weight, height and waist measurement recorded already I've obviously had the strong recommendation to lose weight and increase exercise.

So on the way home I called in the fish and chip shop for a "last supper" and haven't looked back since.

How and what to eat is easy for me - have been here before over the years and have a formula that loses weight for me, as always it's maintaining the initiative that is the biggie for me.

I'm 21 days in and 7kg lighter starting at 131.6kg - but I'm fully aware that the "first flush" is easy and the train soon hits the buffers! I couldn't back date my start weight to reflect that as I've only found this site.

My initial target is the bragging rights I'll get when I move from "very obese" to just "obese" - around 120kg for my height.

I was a member of another on-line community years ago and that worked well. But it then went "paid-for" and I dropped out at that time.

I also lost my job, ran up debt and faced losing my home, I suppose in truth I became seriously depressed - not the best environment for thinking about personal welfare.

I've turned that corner now with a full time job, personal inheritance and impending NHS pension (fair income and lump sum) restoring my prospects, removing the threat of insolvency and lifting my doom-ladened mood.

My work involves handling heavy packages and bags over a nine hour period five nights a week - so I'm not personally worried too much about the exercise element - although my practice nurse still suggests more - maybe sensible, if only as a time-consumer to fill those idle hours when one's thoughts turn to the larder.

I was a perpetual grazer, snacking unhealthily - sweets, cakes, crisps, anything that could pass through a deep-fat fryer etc as I couch-potatoed in front of the TV.

With money becoming available again and the fear of losing my home lifting, I should be able to occupy myself making the home fit for retirement. With the genuine risk of losing my home I've not spent a penny more than needed on my home so with new central heating, bathroom, kitchen, redecorate and carpets throughout a realistic prospect I can look forward to gainful activities that should help avoid grazing.

I suppose you want to know my personal method? - low fat diet is the basis - fashionable in the 80's?

Little or no calorie counting - just an idle check of nutritional information on anything I'm using to make sure it's not excessive.

Avoiding all visible fats or fat based cooking methods, sugary products and salt. Eat loads of fruit and fibre and drinks tea, coffee, fruit juice and water - I'd decided to espouse all chemical based fizzy drinks esp. the ubiquitous "energy" drink based on taurine we see advertised everywhere, that - or the budget market versions - had almost become an addiction, with me rationalising it was needed to combat the tiredness gross obesity and work brought.

One particular blood test I'm waiting with interest on is those that might identify Type 2 diabetes. Apart from the weight loss and loss of muscle mass I can relate to the other symptoms - tiredness, frequency of passing urine...

Well enough for now, I'm very realistic about the journey ahead so intend to make this site my lifeline.

Plenty more if you ask, my fingers can't stop dancing over these keyboards if encouraged Very Happy


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Posted: 08 Oct 2013, 06:26
Welcome aboard. Sounds like you got a good plan in place. Smile

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Posted: 08 Oct 2013, 06:34
Welcome! Sounds like you have thought this out and have a good plan!

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Posted: 08 Oct 2013, 06:46
Hi, and welcome. You sound like you have a marvelous sense of humor about life, and that should help you along your journey.


I try to think of exercise like doing the dishes or laundry; I might not necessarily look forward to doing it, but it is necessary.

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Posted: 10 Oct 2013, 09:42
Thank You All for the welcome.

No major excitements to report since my first post - plodding along.

No temptations or lapses so far.

I have a surprising calmness about the challenge ahead at the moment - I'd say almost Zen-like LOL

My wife is trying to come along for the ride with me - not sure yet if that's a plus or minus.

I used to work in a drug addiction - not as a addict in recovery, but as the "necessary nurse" to administer prescription drug treatments - so I know about the pitfalls of trying to do things closely together - the term for any failings triggered by the partners weakness' is "enabling".

Casting forward to the weekend, anticipating a great big bowl of fresh fruit salad - mainly tropical fruits which will sit in the fridge gradually getting juicier and juicier. - If the bank balance can afford it that isVery Happy

Looking forward to meeting the practice nurse again. At the original review I Hummed and Ha'd about starting a diet - saying I'd waitsee the blood exam results first. So hopefully I can jump on the surgery scales for an accurate update from the starting weight she recorded. Hopefully I can surprise her.

No cheating with diuretic or laxatives - learnt that lesson many moons ago.

It always amazes me how fluid levels and bowel content can make the visible weight vary so much from day to day - I've learnt to realised that somewhere underneath that my base weight is reducing - assuming I keep true to my dietary guidelines that is.

Chat again soon.

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