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Posted: 14 Sep 2012, 17:08
I have been looking for a job for some time now since moving to a new state. I know its hard out there not only for myself but for many of you as well. It seems to me this is a perfect place to gain some help and knowledge to share with each other. I asked my buddies for info on how to perform during an interview by answering some of the tough questions they have. Here are some answers;

From DK who has had the oppotunity of hiring himself:

If you get a job interview, then the prospective employer has already seen something in your resume that he likes. How you conduct yourself in the interview has to separate you from the pack and "close the sale." I know lots of people think the "I don't know, but I'm willing to learn" phrase is going to make points, but it really doesn't work most places - maybe it will at MacDonalds, Hardees and Burger King, can't say for sure. Usually an employer has some canned "what if" questions they are going to ask every applicant. They are typically well prepared questions, that ensure they won't be liable for some kind of discrimination suit. It may be some question like, "What would you do if you saw your supervisor violating a particular company policy?" They want to see how well you think on your feet, how much integrity you have, your communication skills, your poise, etc. We don't even interview candidates that don't have the appropriate skill sets in their resume. So, if you get the interview, they've probably already determined that you're qualified; they just want the pick of the litter. To answer the question that you posed, "Why should we hire you?" Answer them truthfully with something like, "I've had a strong work ethic ever since I joined the workforce. I've been successful at everything I've attempted. I've always gotten along well with my superiors and my peers. I respect authority, give 110% on the job, and take pride in my work, and love taking on additional challenges and responsibilities." You can answer those questions any way you like; the key is to not just sit there and say, "I can't really think of anything, but I'm a real hard worker." Step out there, and go for it. It's your opportunity to toot your own horn.

From Sk1nnyfuture:

Employers love people, who challenge themselves by learning new skills. One of the questions may be "what do YOU think you can bring to the job?". Maybe N answer with..... Enthusiasm, fresh face / fresh perspective, for the challenges the job presents. Or "what are your weak areas"? Always a bit of a difficult one..... Something like "I always want to complete my work to 110% standards - this can sometimes make me very hard on myself". Never say you don't have any - that indicates you think you have nothing left to learn and have a closed mind to your weaknesses. "why should we give you the job?" may be another - as long as you have in mind the stuff DK said and bits here - plus your own bits, you should be ok. Body language is something they also look at, whether unconsciously or consciously.... So remember to keep eye contact, (avoiding eye contact, can indicate you are either lying, or not confident) give a strong handshake (a weak one indicates weakness). Before you go into the interview, you may have to wait. If possible keep standing - even if they ask you to take a seat. Look around at pictures, awards etc.... Reason... You may learn something that you can mention ( ie I see you won an award for ***) more importantly, when they come to collect you - if it is the interviewer, you are on the same level as him/her and can smile, make eye contact, give a strong handshake (if it is a woman, the handshake should not be a bone crusher, or you will intimidate her). Once in the interviewee chair, sit up straight, eye contact, relax your hands (they can be clasped your lap or on the table). I am sure you will.... Look at their website.... Learn about the company - tell them you have researched them on line. They may ask why you want to join them in particular.... You can then say you have looked at their website and have been impressed by....... Good luck xx

I hope for those of you in my situation will get something out of this and if you have any info that would be helpful please feel free to post and share with us all.

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Posted: 11 Jul 2021, 05:20
Most of your success depends on your resume. If it's high-quality, there are more chances of you being noticed. If your resume is good, you're almost halfway to get a job. Of course, you have to be confident in front of an employer, otherwise, your resume won't matter much. And if you're looking for some job-searching platforms, I definitely recommend you this service.

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Posted: 07 Sep 2021, 09:37
Good story, thanks for sharing it with us. I was looking for a long time for a job after the lockdown and quarantine that closed my old office.
At first, it was tough because many places were closed and working remotely without accepting new openings. After a few months, I could still find a great company that agreed to take my resume and approved it because I had a lot of seniority and experience. They were just looking for a new location for their office, and I was helpful to them with my recommendation about
It's been half a year since I worked here, and I'm still very grateful that I knew about this service.

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Posted: 01 Nov 2021, 06:38
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Posted: 03 Nov 2021, 21:56
I'm very anxious before every new interview. It seems to me that this negatively affects the result of my interview.

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Posted: 24 Nov 2021, 08:12
Oh, I had a lot of problems with job interviews. Even though my CV was great, employers didn't want to hire me at all, and I still don't know the reason. That's when I decided to work for myself, and I started forex trading education. Now I can say that I'm a pretty successful trader, and I make a living that way.

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