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Posted: 20 Sep 2021, 10:53
Due to my husband's birthday, I had, for 4 separate days, a sliver of birthday cake - 40gms - 156 calories each sliver. Plus on 2 separate days, I had a serving of ice cream and on one day a half serving of ice cream. We also had a $40 gift card birthday meal to a BBQ joint from his boss - a card we had to use all of. Four Baby Back Ribs, pork chunks, sauce, slaw, BBQ beans, garlic bread. Not a ton of food but more than I would have fixed and eaten for a meal if I had prepared it in a healthy manner. I had ice water to drink - my only good choice but there were really not many choices I would have chosen due to them being worse choices calorie/fat/carb wise or were something I don't like fixed in the manner they fix it.

No excuses here. I was over my calories, fats, and carbs for 2 days in the past 2 weeks and near my limit on a few other days. That is not how to lose weight and I didn't. No one forced me to indulge. Even on my birthday I made better choices. I'm fortunate I didn't gain weight!!!

This was a test of my resolve to lose weight and keep it off. I'm entering a dangerous time - fall comfort foods and holiday eating. I have slowly lost 15.8 pounds since mid summer and I intend to keep that off as I have more stamina now. More energy. There won't likely be more gift cards but there will be more chances to blow my diet. It's time to clean up my act and do what I know works for me.
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