Anthony William Book Medical Medium & Life Changing Foods

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Posted: 04 Jul 2017, 11:47
Anyone familiar with Anthony William and his books Medical Medium & Life Changing Foods? I am going to follow the 28 day fruit & Vegie program and was wondering if anyone else has done it? It would be neat if there was a group for the "diet" listed here.
[b][i]"Happiness comes from within"
August 2014
August............down 6 pounds to 172
September.........down 3 pounds to 169
October...........down 4 pounds to 165
November..........down 5 pounds to 160
December..........down 3 pounds to 157
Jan thru March....up/down/up to 157-159
June..............steady between 157-160
beginning July....ok between 157-160
mid to end July...went up to 163.5 (ate out a lot and kids here!)
August............up/down/up from 156-162 end Aug 156
UPDATE 2017 August 170#
UPDATE 2017 December 166#
UPDATE 2019 October 162#
UPDATE 2020 June 173#
UPDATE 2020 August 168#
UPDATE 2020 October 155#
UPDATE 2020 November 150#
UPDATE 2020 December 149#
UPDATE 2021 January 149#
UPDATE 2021 July 160plus#

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Posted: 18 May 2021, 05:57
This is good progress, but I think these are individual moments.

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Posted: 09 Jun 2021, 13:55
I am happy about your good results!!

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Posted: 09 Jun 2021, 14:03
Oh, this must be a great book!

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Posted: 09 Jun 2021, 14:05
Oh, this must be a great book! I once wanted to read it, but I didn't have time. So I found this service after reading a lot of reviews about it. Here they write reviews of various literature, but they wrote for me the review for this book. I liked reading about it so much that I soon read it completely on my own. Then I very well accustomed myself to the correct eating habits!

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Posted: 13 Jun 2021, 04:12
Looks graet

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Posted: 19 Sep 2021, 14:53
Thank you! I love reading books, but I don't like writing student papers about them. Most of the time I use writing services, but before that I read reviews about them (such as these - This helps me to make my choice and not be mistaken.

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