need help to understand my pangs and weakness

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Posted: 23 Jul 2021, 23:34
hi.good day to you all
i want to share my story with you guys and need suggestions
i m doing intermittent fasting for more than 2 years..some times 7 days sometimes 10 days continuous..
last 2 months ago i did for 19 days..i was feeling very seborrheic dermatitis healed automatically after more than 8 years..but sometimes after standing from bed i feel weakness and my mind revolves but it was all control able for me..because i was doing all chores very effectively..

now after 2 month shit starts too happen..

i started fasting but at day 2 i got severe hunger pang so eat a egg sandwitch thats all and after that my hunger pang go away.on the 4rth day at night i again get hunger i started my motorcycle to go out and eat something..

now there is when fun begins,after 30 to 40 seconds after i dont know what happened but i fall from my bike,at first i thought it has happened accidentally so i again started bike and began to travel but after 20 second i hit a car and i fall mind was total numb and i cannot feel anything.people came to help me ,they help me to get up,one person give me salt and carbonated drink to consume and after 5 to 10 seconds i was normal..

some people suggested it happened because my Blood pressure level go down some said it is because of suger level..i didnt told them that i was on fasting..

from now on that day even i have full belly with food i feel weakness and my food pangs became much worse..

i cant understand that i did 19 days successful fasting with any issue and within 2 month i became so weak that i cant do more than 2 days..

i need your kind opinions and suggestions...


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Posted: 28 Jul 2021, 09:42
What are you eating? Sounds like your body is sad an unable to function properly, I do IF but make sure my food plan is balanced with protein and veggies along with healty fats. If you are not posting what you are eating you will not know why your are having these problems.

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Posted: 31 Jul 2021, 18:28
What is your protocol?Are you making sure you have electrolytes during your fasting period?Are you eating enough in your window?

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