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Posted: 16 Feb 2020, 14:54
I don't know about you guys but keto has actually been doing wonders for me. been doing it for about three months now. ima diabetic and my doctor might actually take me off my metformin my sugar has been doing so good. would u believe that i also work at mcdonalds and still manage to keep to my diet? my dad is a nurse and has a blog and he told me i should start one too to help other people and share what i know and what has helped me. SOOO here we go and stay tuned for more

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Posted: 27 Jul 2021, 13:03
I myself am studying to become a doctor, in order to combat, among other things, obesity in many patients. However, instead of practice we constantly have some useless theory and we just waste our time on this nonsense. Luckily there is a way out of this situation and I can now study the practical part, and I trust nursing paper writing service , which do a very high quality job. I recommend reading it and hope it will be useful!

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Food Scale
Absolutely. I couldn't do without it.
by lourock1 on 25 Sep 21 05:39 PM
210 lbs. why do I do this to myself...
I have used this site for at least 8.5 years i have always found it useful. as of yesterday im taking charge again. starting at 207 lbs.;)
by hizbecca on 25 Sep 21 01:40 PM
Grand Final Night
No restrictions tonight, footy night. Back on track tomorrow. I will enjoy it.
by Wazza115 on 24 Sep 21 11:45 PM
almost there
hit the 100 lbs mark. only twenty to go. it seems so slow going at this point
by johnyd69 on 24 Sep 21 05:22 PM
Step count and Kilometers
Is there a place to record step count and Kilometers instead of activity?
by Glamper on 23 Sep 21 03:19 PM

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