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Posted: 08 Jul 2021, 00:47
Hello everyone,

I’m looking for some motivation support. I had a digestive health scare over the holiday weekend. I have severe acid reflux problems. Under a doctors care for it. I’m doing better now. Finding it a huge challenge changing my eating habits. I start off the day eating healthy. But by the time lunch time and dinner time come around I blow it with food I know I should not have. I work in retail so I’m surrounded by temptations all day long. Any advice you can give me would be most helpful. Thank you for your help.

Blessings: Kathryn

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Posted: 17 Jul 2021, 12:52
Hello Kathryn - My problem is the afternoon & evening munchies. I'm going to start chewing a stick gum when the craving hits and see if this helps a bit. I hope you find relief.
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Posted: 22 Jul 2021, 02:15
I think health should always be a priority, so focus on that. Try not to be hungry at work, always take snacks with you, and you may also need to change your work department, where there will not be so many temptations. In any case, it is better to change jobs if possible.

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Posted: 22 Jul 2021, 10:58
Find out if you have an eating disorder
I was diagnosed with binge eating disorder
It was upsetting at 1st but now I don't give myself a hard time and because I now know what the problem is I can study it and find the best ways to work through it
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Posted: 24 Jul 2021, 13:39
So glad to hear,you can somewhat relax. Now that you know the next step is to get help for it. Don't ever think it is a weakness to seek help, it just means you are a strong warrior who will fight for yourself.

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Posted: 25 Jul 2021, 22:47
Really think about and write down what will happen if you continue in this way for another six months or a year, including how much energy you spend on dickering and worrying over it. What sacrifices are you willing to make to prevent those problems? How much desire or hunger are you willing to tolerate to avoid the repercussions? (Because there wlll be some hunger and desire.) Is the cure worse than the disease? Be really honest with yourself. Which is more painful, putting up with some daily urges before it's time to eat on an eating plan that thwarts the acid reflux (and possibly avoiding surgery), or accepting that you'd rather be uncomfortable with acid reflux rather than face the discomfort of not eating what, when, and how much you feel like? One means some suffering now for pleasure later (you will get to eat later and will probably enjoy your food even more), the other means pleasure now and suffering later- on the same day and in the future. You are 100% free to say which one seems worth the tradeoff. Just don't be in denial about it. Everyday there are people who choose surgery, hospital stays, wheelchairs, and other things so that they can keep eating large amounts of sweet or salty food, but they lie to themselves about it. It's better to face your choices head on.

If you decide you want to avoid the acid reflux, don't depend on the decision in the moment. Your brain base is not interested in solving that problem. It thinks making you eat more is keeping you alive. Use your frontal brain to write out a statement expressing how concerned and maybe even scared you are of having the problem get worse and needing more drastic repairs. Calmly read the statement daily, even several times a day at first, for a few weeks. Be rational, not panicky about it. Remind yourself that though it may be hard, it is sometimes worth it to do hard things and we are often prouder for it. At the end of each day, before your head hits the pillow, review how you did. Give yourself lots of credit every time you make the choice to help heal your body. If you chose differently, be compassionate with yourself but vow to find the motivation to do better the next day.

Having the right eating plan is useless without the right attitude to stick to it. Work on your attitude and then find the right eating plan by trial and error.
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