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Posted: 01 Mar 2020, 00:42
I work nights and have HelloFresh delivered to my home. My kids (20 and 14) enjoy making the meals 3x week when I work. Are there any "atkins friendlier" meal delivery plans I can use, in place of HelloFresh. All their meals feature a high potatoes, pasta or rice. I would love to find a home meal delivery plan that has more low carb options.

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Posted: 06 Jul 2021, 10:34
I don't think that you can find anything like that. Maybe you should ask HelloFresh if they have such an option? I always have issues with the proper food delivery from local companies. They usually don't have exactly what I need and it makes me nervous a bit. I even have to order some ingredients from other parts of the world. That's why I have to use china ems tracking to know where is my order now. Sometimes it's very amusing to see that a little thing I ordered is sent from 1000 miles away, lol. I hope that someday everything's gonna be present in this city.

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Posted: 07 Jul 2021, 01:06
There are frozen Atkins meals at the store and a lot of the stores do home delivery now.

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