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Posted: 19 Jun 2021, 20:05
I just signed up, and I read a post where someone said their fitbit would sync to this site, but I don't see an option for that. Can anyone tell me where to look for setting that up?
Thanx!Very Happy

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Vitamins - DV instead of MG?
I went to enter a new food today and all of the vitamins were in mg and mcg. Is the FDA changing the labels to display the actual amounts instead of DV? As far as I know they are not. Even if they are ...
by AGrayOne on 27 Jul 21 04:35 PM
water tracker
You can't add water. It doesn't track water like MyFitnessPal does (at least when I used MyFitnessPal years ago).
by AGrayOne on 27 Jul 21 04:31 PM
Default to "all"/"exactly" rather than "some"
The diary always defaults to "this is some of what I ate" and "this is some of my exercise". The phone app doesn't even have an option to change this, so the only way I can see ...
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H hand
So does the app only sync with Samsung phones? I have a iPhone mini and can’t figure out how to sync them:( :(
by barbdiehl56 on 18 Jul 21 04:55 PM
Adding a person to my diet plan
Is it possible for two people to share one daily food diary and diet plan. Have not had the opportunity to investigate fully, thought someone might have a fast answer. stay well folks! Ted8)
by tedeschuk on 14 Jul 21 03:15 AM

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