Diet and strange health quirks.

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Posted: 22 Apr 2021, 13:25
Ok, after using this app, and started changing my eating habits. So, I've noticed something about a recent health issue that came up within the past couple of months. I had a problem with excessive sweating in the armpit area for virtually no reason. I noticed it was only bad in the afternoon and then pretty much be dry all day. So, the past couple of days, after changing my eating habits, I was dry all day for the past 2 days. Mind you, i was having a 3-4 thousand calorie diet before i changed my eating habits, and after having the kind of coffee that I was having before this morning, I noticed it came back, but nowhere near as bad. So, Ithink because of changing my eating habits, I may have isolated the root cause of my excessive armpit sweating, and a large sugar intake may be the culpret.

Has anybody else had any health issues or quirks that disappeared after changing your diet?

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Posted: 26 Apr 2021, 10:07
I noticed a couple of things that changed when I changed my eating habits and the things I was putting in my body.
First, I didn't hurt as much when I'd get out of bed in the mornings. My muscles and joints used to ache for a few minutes until I got moving again. Not so much any more, and this started changing Before I started getting better exercise during the day.
Second, I could smell things like flowers and the trees when the sap starts running in the spring again. I really appreciated that one! I didn't realize how much I'd been missing when I couldn't smell properly.
Third, I'd been having an issue with my right ear plugging up so I couldn't hear well. I don't seem to have that problem as much any more. It still comes and goes, but it's usually not an issue any more.

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