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Tierra Evans

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Posted: 04 Nov 2020, 09:33
What is everyone's favorite on the go breakfast?
Working at 6AM I like things that can be put in a cup holder and easily ate!
Let me know some recipes

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Posted: 31 Mar 2021, 17:01
Fruit and nuts? Hard boiled egg. Cubes of ham and cheese . Overnight oats may be an option but not good when driving. A chex mix cereal mix is usuallly a snack comprised of breakfast food and nuts. Why not? It is easy to make your own to control the calories as well as oil and salt.

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Posted: 02 Apr 2021, 03:02
I usually cook in the evening, and if I have time, I make oatmeal in the morning, add a banana, honey. Sometimes it's milk and toast with avocado and an egg. It's easy, tasty, and doesn't take much time.

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