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Posted: 02 Mar 2021, 08:50
Hello everyone Ashley here from Fargo nd let's do this gals and guys

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Starting off the right way.
What kind of foods do you usually eat? If you are meat lover, you can go for Keto. Otherwise, if you prefer vegetables then, vegetarian diet will suit you.
by BlondVital on 22 Apr 21 05:46 AM
Hi All - I'm new here xx
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
by YoungGrasshopper on 19 Apr 21 02:02 AM
Here we go
That's good to hear. Exercising can help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels. Hope you enjoy doing it with the old ladies and youngers too!
by BlondVital on 15 Apr 21 05:50 AM
Seeking support
Hi All, BlondVital...Thank you for your constant support, I do read the posts and find encouragement in them as I too have to cope with a long term damaged knee for which I now use a knee support, wa ...
by Roseyjoan on 14 Apr 21 02:35 PM
I feel like I've been here a MILLION times
Welcome to my world! I am struggling with only 10 pounds but once again, I am having to deal with them and they are just as stubborn as they were the first time. But I think the good news here is that ...
by janerichardson on 13 Apr 21 11:39 AM

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