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Posted: 29 Jan 2021, 13:33
So I've been increasing my fruit and vegetable intake. I love fruits and I "tolerate" vegetables. Any advice on how to make vegetables (I've been eating mostly frozen mixed veg and country mix) more tasty without adding too many extra calories?Very Happy

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Posted: 29 Jan 2021, 21:39
Adding garlic powder or onion powder can give a lot more flavor without adding calories. Salt and black pepper of course, and there are so many other spices which are good. How are you cooking your vegetables? If you put the serving in a skillet or saucepan and can add a bit of fat, like butter or olive oil and saute the vegetables that way it can add a lot of flavor. Keep in mind most fats, such as most oils or butter, have about 100 calories per tablespoon. Using some broth, like chicken broth or beef broth and cooking you vegetables in a bit of broth adds flavor without too many calories. There is a whole world of vegetables out there to choose from. I grow a lot of my own, and I eat a lot of salads and raw vegetables. Vegetables are very filling, relatively low in calories especially for most of the green vegetables, and are very full of great nutrition.
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Posted: 03 Feb 2021, 19:32
I put Mrs. Dash and Basalmic vinegar on my steamed veggies.

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Posted: 04 Feb 2021, 08:40
Oh I love vegetables so much. However, I want to eat them with bread (

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Posted: 04 Feb 2021, 11:48
I find that oven roasting is super delicious. Try some fresh root veggies like potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes. Slice them up with skins on, slice up some white onions, and lay them out on some aluminum foil over a baking sheet. Spray the foil first so they don't stick too badly. Then drizzle olive oil, balsamic vinegar or Worcestershire sauce over everything, some salt and pepper, maybe a little dried thyme or rosemary, and bake at 400 deg for 50 min. I like to make a big tray of this the night before, so it's enough for 2 meals. It's filling and tasty, because the veggies bake and caramelize, making them crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I actually rely on this to fill me up when I go veg and stop eating meat every so often. It has been the most effective way to weight loss for me.

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Posted: 09 Mar 2021, 12:35
Maybe you are leaning to be a carnivore?
All animal based . Veg is not an issue.

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