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Posted: 25 Jan 2021, 19:04
1. Awareness: The first step is being able to recognize a habit loop and map out the components. This means identifying what triggers a behavior, how the behavior feels, and what the results of the behavior are. This can help you better evaluate the true reward or risk of a habit.

2. Curiosity: Getting curious, not judgmental, about your cravings flips the valence from the unpleasantness of a craving to the pleasantness of curiosity. The exercise becomes intrinsically rewarding and you can then identify alternatives that are more attractive.

3. Pinpoint the BBO: Find "the bigger better offer." Find behaviors that are actually more rewarding than the habit you're trying to break. Maybe that’s exercise, mindfulness, or simply curiosity itself. Each time a craving comes on, repeat these steps.

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