Calories and Net Calories

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Posted: 11 Jan 2021, 16:12
Im not sure i quite understand how the Calories RDI works against the Exercise Net cals. Anyone know. Ive only just started this today.

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Posted: 12 Jan 2021, 00:17
The ap lets you set your calorie intake (RDI) based on your activity level. The more you weigh assumes you'll burn more calories. For instance, at 180 lbs it recommended RDI of 1700. When I dropped around 155 the RDI was 1300. The exercise calories is a guideline. Track calories there as accurately as you can, then change your RDI setting to more closely match total exercise calories. One thing I found is exercise calories are stated high if it's a new regime since your muscle gain will offset fat burned. The exercise calories burned also assume working moderately hard. ex: I spend 3 hours cleaning where my wife got it done in 40 minutes... probably same calories burned.

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Posted: 13 Jan 2021, 03:42
The simple concept is the intake value of Calories and subtracts the output of calories from exercises and other activities.
I was the same person who had this type of calculation 5 times a day when I was not losing weight. But Thanks to Jet medical Tourism, I had gastric sleeve surgery and lost 148 lbs in 12 months.

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