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Posted: 21 Oct 2020, 18:56
In the past before starting a diet I"d want everything perfect.. and I preached this to others .. Pitch all fattening foods, do all your shopping....do the food prep... get the little Tupperwares all filled.. menus all planned etc..
Not this time...
This time I started with micro incremental steps forward.... I figured I'd start with the absolute least painful and easiest step that all diets tell you to do... which is drinking a few glasses of water when I wake up in the a.m.
Now if you can't even do that, you aren't gonna cut it on a diet.
A few days later I had finished the ice cream that was in the freezer and promised myself to not buy anymore until January of next year.. two months ish.. Instead.. I do full fat sour cream or full fat Greek yogurt with a scoop of vanilla protein powder and a hand ful of blueberries.
not bad.. Not ice cream, but very sweet and tasty and healthy..
A few more days later I had finished all the bread in the house and decided.. no more bread or at least not for a couple months...
Started using Romaine lettuce leaves as bread and doing egg salad with tomatoes, olives, and avocado.. This is good.. some days tuna, some days shrimp some days omelettes.
I"m honestly not missing the bread.
So gradually over three solid weeks for the first time ever, I took teeeny micro incremental steps and slowly eased back into low carbing.. In that three weeks I lost 13 pounds..I"m a little surprised..
That was with the extra water step one, no more late night ice cream step two, , no bread step three.. I"m still not at 100 percent yet.. This week I just started adding fats. I bought some MCT oil.. adding it to my coffee in the a.m. and Nutiva coconut manna also in the a.m. I dunno it gives me a boost.. Remember Atkins was never a high protein diet, it's a high fat diet..
Within a week or so I think I will finally be 100 percent onto Atkins doing 20 carbs.. So that means over a period of only three weeks I was still enjoying bad food but with a few little changes dropped probably the same amount of weight that I would have if I were on this 100percent from day one.

Wishing all of you much success and hope you try a little slower but less stressful way of getting on tract like I've described here...

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