This worked for me lets call it the MATT diet

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Posted: 18 Oct 2020, 09:59
I have had a very hard time finding a food regiment that is easy to stick with and is satisfying. I have come up with this as I am on the go all day doing landscape consultations

45 cal and 5% net carbs low sodium tortillas
½ a small yellow onion
½ a small red onion
2 sticks of celery
Winco fat free american cheese 35 cal
Cuban mustard 0 cal (as binder)
Mix in a bowl and wrap

This makes 3 good size wraps at @ about 170 cal each

Southwest chopped salad 2 servings 300 cal

Protein shake 200 cal
Super reds
Super greens
Plant based protein

So never hungary eating all day and taste dam good 1010 cal

Then a sensible dinner about 4 hours before bed This gives me a lot of options and choices. I try to keep it at 700 to 900 cal but here is where your will power comes in. If you get used to a salad with some protein on it you can keep it at 500 cal

So NOT hungry ever 1500 to 1900 cal a day

260 to 235 in 5 month and dropping about 2 pounds a week now

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