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Posted: 06 Apr 2020, 09:05
With this awful virus keeping us contained in our homes I have been having a fun time with my workouts. One night I knew I wasn't going to be able to watch one of my TV shows so I recorded it to watch in the morning. If you haven't seen The Masked Singer, you've got to watch the show. The following morning I was playing the recorded show and a great song came on and I started dancing in my living room. Once upon a time when I was younger my husband and I were always in the dance clubs. If you think you can't dance or you don't like to dance in front of others that's the beauty of it you're in your home with no audience. And it's fun to try and figure out which star is under the crazy costumes that are being worn. (Some are Shocking and Surprised ing!!!) Then to enhance it during the commercials I am either doing crunches, push ups and/or cleaning the house. Great workout and lots of fun!! Your kids will have fun too!! I've even gone back all the way to season one (on season two now). Just a thought on how to have some kind of fun and lose weight while stuck at home.

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