Getting it right!

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Posted: 13 Feb 2020, 17:54
I have tried so many different diets over the years when I would gain 10lbs here or there, until my body got used to them and they did not work anymore. I eventually took to weight watchers 12 years ago. That did not work, because I had been doing low carb for so long. I had to lower my carbs, then I began losing some weight, but then I plateaued! Oh No!

I went to my primary care doctor and told her my history. She told me to lower my calories for a short time to 800 per day.

I tried it and it worked! OMG!! I was so happy. The scale was moving and I lost the weight.

Recently, I gained 10lbs and I figured I'd just go back to the 800 calories again to lose it. Well, I'm older now. It didn't work! So, I went about 100 calories lower and woohoo, the scale is moving again! So, age, metabolism, play a big role in this.

I'm forcing myself to eat more now, so I do not mess up my metabolism and gain weight as easily. It's really tricky as you get older and hormones, metabolism, lifestyle, etc all play a bigger role in how to keep that extra weight off.

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Posted: 15 Feb 2020, 19:36
Age and metabolism.....ugh! It used to be so easy to lose weight when I was younger!

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Getting it right!
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