Guide Me - Weight Loss Diet for 2.5 lbs/week

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Posted: 12 Dec 2019, 05:50
After so many years being obese in 2019 I am all set to lose the weight and get fit by 2020 Smile .

At 11-12-2019 I am 265 lbs.
I am started with the target to loss 2.5 lbs per week to achieve my goal of reaching 200 lbs in 30 weeks (approx 7 months)

I followed this rules to start my journey
1. Never look back, I have burned my bridges
2. Get Fit to Live more
3. Final & Only chance to get rid from oversize tag clothes

Diet Plan
Breakfast - 2 to 3 Boiled Eggs with a Glass of milk (300 ml)

Lunch - Rice with Dal

Dinner - Light Weight foods like vegetables with Fruits.

Daily water intake - 3 litres.

Activity Level - Desk Job whole day
GYM at evening (note to take a protein milkshake after gym)

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Posted: 12 Dec 2019, 19:59
There are many paths but I would suggest keep a food diary. Measure food and be very honest with it. Do not skip of proteins. Good luck to you!!!!

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Posted: 13 Dec 2019, 06:23
You can do this. You have a plan. Stick it. I agree with Liv001. There are many paths and you will have to 1. log, 2. take action, 3. analyse, 4. make corrections if needed, 5. never quit - repeat 1 - 5 over and over until you reach your goal.

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