Is 2600cals right for me?

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Posted: 18 Nov 2019, 11:35
Hey guys i joined this website just about an hour a go and im wondering if this sites recomended calorie intake (2600) seems a little much in my opinion,im male 22 around 187(6.1) and my weight is 104(229).

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Posted: 18 Nov 2019, 20:20
try I find it the best one that works me.
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Posted: 20 Nov 2019, 11:05
I agree with mummydee - try some other calculators. There are ones that ask for more detailed information.
The one this website was far too generous for me.

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Posted: 21 Nov 2019, 15:44
why not try 2600 for a week or so and measure your weight loss if not then reduce calories or up your activity.

You are quite substantial in size so it seems fair enough to me...depending on activity

these calculators are a reasonable guide at best......track and see

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Posted: 25 Nov 2019, 06:53
2600 calories sound a bit much to me ...

I am a male weighing 120kg and do 1500 calories a day and even that is sometimes too much for me!
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Posted: 27 Nov 2019, 06:06
Capie2 wrote:
2600 calories sound a bit much to me ...

I am a male weighing 120kg and do 1500 calories a day and even that is sometimes too much for me!

For me as well, at 2600 I gain 1-3 lbs a week. I stick to 1000-1200, less if I can, and if I haven't hit 1000-1200 and I'm done eating, I start my fast IF immediately(early) to prevent looking for additional food to add up to those numbers, I only try and make sure not to exceed them.
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