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Posted: 19 Nov 2019, 01:13
Sad i feel i work all day and do not get everything done i get so tired. and sometimes i look around the house and it dont look like i got anything done. and there is so much more to do but to tired to finish. when i was younger i could get so much more done. i did get the lights up with my nephew,s help and my granddaugher helped a little.

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Posted: 20 Nov 2019, 10:56
I'm assuming you've ruled out sleep quality and any medical or psychological causes... If not, perhaps speak to your doctor.

Otherwise, while it sounds somewhat counterintuitive, exercise can really help with both mood and energy.

I also find heavy, stodgy foods make me sluggish. Fresh, light meals suit me.

Also, getting to a healthy weight made a huge difference. My BMI is 19 now...but even at 23-25 I felt very sluggish.

You might also think about how you plan out your day... Going hard at work for long blocks of time can be exhausting - you could break up strenuous activities and give yourself some sort breaks in between (e.g. for meditation, mindfulness, any low cognitive task). Planning and pacing out your day might even out your energy levels.

In any case, you're not alone. I have a fatigue related illness and chronic pain among other things. I never get to the end of my to do list either - can be a bit disheartening. As hard as it can be, pacing and regular graded activity can be of benefit.

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