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Posted: 17 Oct 2019, 20:50
I'm back again, after lost 100+ lbs before on a high-protein/relatively low-fat diet, with lots of exercise (4 miles runs every morning and the gym 3-4 times a week). I re-gained it all and a bit more, partly due to surgeries and a systemic infection that left me stranded on the sofa, hugely depressed and seeking solace in ice-cream. Sad

Roll on 3 years and this September 24th, I hit my heaviest weight ever. I was desperately uncomfortable with way too much pain everywhere, especially my feet. Watching the Netflix documentaries “Diet Fiction” and “What the Health” woke me up again, and alerted me to the dangers of excess animal products and the importance of fiber.

For the last month, I’ve been eating largely plant-based and non-processed foods, complex carbs and diverse grains, with minimal animal products (meat, fish, eggs, dairy). I’ve also cut out almost all alcohol -- my real weakness -- except for a glass of wine about once a month.

It’s been quite an adjustment and planning and preparing healthy food all the time can be hard work; but *nothing* is as hard as being twice the weight you should be… I certainly feel much better on this eating plan than when I was cramming in vast amounts of animal protein, and though I do get hungry, I’m sticking to plant-based snacks, like fruit or nuts.

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Posted: 18 Oct 2019, 02:51
I'd avoid getting my nutrition knowledge from Netflix. Try instead....
Consume whatever foods you prefer, whenever you prefer to consume them, while ensuring nutrient sufficiency and meeting caloric goals.

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Posted: 25 Oct 2019, 05:15
Hey Starshine - have you seen the doco ''game changer''? Thats another one that raises interesting questions about animal protein v plant based proteins. clearly the changes you have made to your diet are making you feel better so go for it!!

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