Water and Portion Control

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Posted: 12 Sep 2019, 00:50
Hey all.

So I'm new here, and I'm trying to reduce 5-6kgs.

I've increased my water intake and am going for portion controls, but it seems to have messed with my lifestyle. I feel bloated these days, my cravings are becoming uncontrollable, and my bowel movement has become irregular. I also feel unhappy and dissatisfied, because my weight goes up or down by 0.5kg everyday.

What would you do in this situation?


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Posted: 12 Sep 2019, 03:33
Depends on what sort of diet you're doing. I'd ask if you eat oatmeal or can on whatever plan you're following. It's good fiber, which would help with the BMs, and it's very filling and will help with the cravings. Oats aren't the only grain that will provide all that; they're just the grain I know best. I wish I knew what to tell you about the water and bloating. I drink water through the day (about half my body weight in ounces, which comes to 108ish oz) and spend a fair amount of my time feeling bloated.

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