Intermittent Fasting & Weightlifting

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Posted: 23 Mar 2018, 07:23
What is your experience with intermittent fasting and weightlifting?

Do you lift fasted?

When do you break your fast?

What are your results?

How much protein?

Do you have any other advice or comment about IF and weightlifting?
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Posted: 10 Sep 2019, 15:07
My wife does IF and has done well (more than three, less than six months). She goes to a class at the YMCA where everyone does the same weight training exercises simultaneously, and goes fasted in the mornings. She drinks plain black coffee and a lot of water, and carries some boiled eggs with her "just in case" she has an issue. So far, she is happy to do it that way and says she feels energetic. Not going to tell you her age, but I'm 65 and younger than she is.

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