Wine is the problem

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Posted: 30 Jul 2019, 14:10
So here I am. I cannot believe that I gained so much weight. From the time I was 13 years old I have eaten a very healthy diet. 3/4 veggies and some chicken and fish. Always maintained between 105 and 110. Now I am 60 and Two years ago my life became very stressful and I started to drink wine at night after work to relax. And behold I gained about 50 pounds.

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Posted: 31 Jul 2019, 07:29
Same here. I was never much of a drinker, just occasionally. Then I started with the wine every night and the pounds compounded, lol! I'm restricting my calories to 1000, so the wine, among other things, had to go. I drink a carbonated water with lime every evening, while my hubby still has a glass of wine. Sometimes I simply have a cup of tea. It does kind of suck, but when I get down, I tell myself that losing a pound is far more worth that glass of wine!

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Posted: 31 Jul 2019, 10:14
I've been there with the evening wine as well.
I nipped that in the bud and stopped completely.

It is possible, just set your mind to it.

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Posted: 31 Jul 2019, 16:51
I agree I think drinking defiantly added to my weight gain, I think I read somewhere once that a glass of wine was the equivalent (in terms of calories) as eating a doughnut, so if you have 4 glasses a night thats 4 extra doughnuts you have to burn off. I also got some good information on how carbs effect your body on

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Posted: 03 Aug 2019, 16:20
its not just the weight its the potential liver damage and other increased risk of serious illnesses

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Posted: 13 Aug 2019, 15:51
You need to find an alternative to wine that will reduce your life and job stress. Try working out and some exercises, it will take away all the stress.

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