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Posted: 20 Jul 2019, 05:28
Is anyone here following slimming world and counting calories

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Bad weekend
back is good. Have a good week
by liv001 on 19 Aug 19 09:59 AM
Carb face to keto face?
Try some exercise to target the chin, neck, face. It's helped me. Plus I can do it while driving or at my desk in the office. I also work on my posture. Chin up!
by Mom of Isabella on 19 Aug 19 08:20 AM
Home Exercise
Thank you. Good inspiration.
by Mom of Isabella on 19 Aug 19 08:16 AM
weight loss
I've lost 22lbs since April 10th, down from 193 to 171!My ideal weight for my body size and height is about 165 lbs. That's going to be almost impossible to reach since I'm taking some time ...
by timg1508 on 17 Aug 19 11:34 AM
Water Retention
So I definitely retain water. I try and drink a ton - like over the recommended 64 ounces a day. Should I drink more water or cut back? Recommendations for water retention issue?
by gstanford1 on 15 Aug 19 10:42 AM

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