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Posted: 16 Jun 2019, 10:02
I was doing keto for a year and a half and felt really good. I didn't lose weight though. I developed a heart condition and lost a kidney so I got off the plan for a year. I am BACK to do it right this time. This is day one!Smile

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Posted: 16 Jun 2019, 10:12
Well that does not sound good... heart condition and a lost kidney... Do you get any dietary advice about your kidney condition. I do keto and love it and am healthier than I was before though. Good luck Bluper. Start measuring and recording.

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Posted: 16 Jun 2019, 14:06
no offence but you ate a certain very restrictive way for a year and a half lost no weight (assuming you need to lose weight?) developed a heart condition and lost a kidney and you say you felt REALLY GOOD!

What does bad feel like?

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Posted: 16 Jun 2019, 19:52
Good luck!

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