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Posted: 05 Feb 2014, 08:07
Hi, I start to use the app short ago, and I cannot find a way to change app language.

I mean, (I use on my phone) and it take the language of it.
But in my country speaks Spanish, I use English in my phone, but this app that I share with my nutritionist I prefer to see in Spanish (Since she does not know English).

There is some way to change language only for the app? Rolling Eyes

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Posted: 10 Feb 2014, 20:22
Hi there,

Unfortunately there is no way to change the language through the app.

The app will be set to the same as your device is.


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Posted: 29 Jul 2014, 14:41
and this is what makes fs the stupidest app ever. BS.
i think you really need to sort this crap out.

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Posted: 29 Jul 2014, 15:39
... trying to find where the original poster (OP) requested opinions on the, "stupidity" of this app or where OP requested someone to, "sort this crap out".
Actually, IMHO, Meryemyavuz', may be the stupidest "Quick Reply" ever.
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Posted: 03 Jan 2015, 03:47
No it's a good point actually.
It's not that hard to implement it into Settings.
So the statement is reasonable.

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Posted: 09 Jan 2015, 03:24
I have the same problem. I have a developer device that is set to english. Now searching for german food will not give you many hits.

I'd either like to change the language in the app or have it search through all language databases (but I guess that will have some inpact on performance?)

Right now I always have to switch the language first before I can search for german food that has no barcode.

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Posted: 15 Jan 2015, 05:11
I completely agree! Although I have noticed that German food that was available before the update are no longer there.

I think it is a reasonable request to be bale to select the country of origin/local of the user in order to be able to search for food from that country.

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Posted: 05 Apr 2015, 04:57
I'd like this setting as well. My phone is set to English as I in general prefer that language for UI. But now you have tied functionality (which foods can be found) with language for no reason. Please make it an option as I want to use FatSecret.

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Posted: 08 Apr 2015, 08:11
Have the same exact problem. My phone is set in english for UI-reasons, now I can't find the Dutch foods anymore.
Please fix this asap.

ps. I'm not as direct as 'meryemyavuz' but I do agree with him, I was really surprised to see this be a problem.

EDIT: I found a way to at least find the Dutch foods

- open the mobile-menu in the left corner in the app
- click settings
- click select region
- and click the region that applies for you.

This won't change the actual language of the app, but it will solve the problem of not being able to find local foods. Looks like the database is split up into regions to improve performance.

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Posted: 13 Apr 2015, 14:54
Have you sorted this out? Or I need to give 1 star and search for other app?

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Posted: 26 May 2015, 16:13
1 star, the other app is Lifesum. It does not have this problem.

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Posted: 19 Aug 2015, 07:06
Up on this topic, I'm french, my phone is in english for other apps that have terrible translation from english.
Since the food is already available in all languages in the app, I don't see the problem to use the country chosen by the user to search food ?
Thanks in advance.

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Posted: 21 Nov 2015, 06:17
FarSecret wrote:
Hi there,

Unfortunately there is no way to change the language through the app.

The app will be set to the same as your device is.


This is utter BS from a software developer point of view!
Learn how to program your apps (this world also has migrants not only locals/natives).

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Posted: 17 Oct 2016, 12:30
Does anyone know if this has been already resolved? It's so annoying...

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Posted: 18 Oct 2016, 00:38
You could use the website through a browser on your phone, rather than the app. Sign into the FatSecret website for the country of your choice.

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Posted: 08 Mar 2017, 18:25
My phone is set to English and Fatsecret find anything but the correct food from my country even with the Region set. It's a good app but really stupid and annoying. For me they show no respect and interest on user experience since it's an old and simple request. How the hell it can detect and adapt to OS language but can't have a damn setting inside the app ? Just don't use it

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Posted: 27 Sep 2018, 07:49
I use fatsecret in different countries, with different languages: english, german, protuguese...
The point is that when searching for a certain food, which is broadly available in a specific country, you must somehow to change the language, in order to look in the proper section of the data base for that food item.
This function does not exist! Also there is a missmatch between the settings for the desktop and those on the smart phone. This all makes this "App" not very usable, which is a shame.

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Posted: 13 Feb 2019, 11:02
IF developers want a counter of request THEN count me in.

P.S. Now I live in Switzerland - 4 national languages. Two million foreigners are living in the small Switzerland. How many other people moved around the world?
Here is a potential market & a profit (for the developers).

Not everybody complains. Some users will not spend an extra minute to give a feedback. In fact, many now consider 5 seconds of page loading time as "too long". So please feel free to address the market accordingly.
Both mobile and the web.

Otherwise, feel free to recommend similar product with the desired feature.

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Posted: 13 Jun 2019, 13:54
Up on the topic, have the same problem and it annoys me. Please fix this in next update.
Burak G.

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Posted: 26 Jun 2019, 04:06
Is there any update or solution?

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