Best Weight Reduction Pills

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tryin hard

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Posted: 01 May 2019, 16:51
Where can you get it?

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Posted: 01 May 2019, 17:40
Don't fall for people selling snake oil

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Posted: 01 May 2019, 23:06
Can we somehow report scammers like thise one? They should not be able to advertise their scams on this forum.

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Posted: 01 May 2019, 23:24
There is a report abuse link at the bottom of the page but I do not know if anything happens if you report

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Posted: 21 May 2019, 14:10
As a fitness nutrition specialist and personal trainer I can tell you these special "Diet Pills" are not the answer. I agree with the comment on don't fall for people selling snake oil. People should be ashamed to try and take advantage of people with weight issues by scamming them.

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Posted: 30 May 2019, 11:55
I would agree with Musical Trainer in that diet pills are not worth the money. The only real solution is sticking with a diet and exercise program consistently.

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Posted: 04 Sep 2019, 14:14
l-carnitine provided active training, good recovery and nutrition.

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Posted: 24 Sep 2019, 13:23
KetoFit is the embodiment of ketogenic dietary supplements accessible in the market today. It is a perfect fat burner which is going to give you the body you've constantly longed for. It has been made explicitly to be utilized next to each other the Ketogenic way of life. This item is totally characteristic and has no reactions by any means, when contrasted with different items in the market which many short and long haul symptoms on your body.
Keto pure diet has emerged as a safer way of weight loss.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2019, 16:41
They don't exist. The pills that *actually* do anything are going to come with some pretty hefty side effects up to and including death.

ephedrine - when combined with caffeine doubles as an appetite suppressant and stimulant, but the net effect on TDEE is going to be 1%. Maybe 2 if you're lucky. Side effects: increased anxiety, nausea, cramping, and potential for heart issues.

clenbuterol - you should not use this, but it is ephedrine's big brother with big brother like side effects. In addition to the ephedrine sides, you can also expect excessive muscle cramping, fatigue, night sweats, hyperthyroidism if abused, increased blood pressure and some other ones. Your cardio activity on this guy should be kept to a minimum, and you're going to want to supplement big time with additional tuarine and potassium. The world anti-doping association recognizes this as an anabolic steroid (which is stupid, it's nothing of the sort) but I do think it's equally potent/dangerous in the wrong hands. The up side is that you can get 5-10% additional TDEE in.

dnp - the most dangerous of all of them, and the most effective. You will shed weight fast, but you will also overheat. Any exercise on this guy can be *really* dangerous, and the wrong dose (which can be easy to take) will absolutely kill you. Other wrong usage sides: cataracts, lesions, bone marrow, cardiovascular and nervous system damage. It's a very strictly controlled substance in most places. TDEE increase depends on dosage, but will quickly hit zero when you fucking die from taking it.

All of these are things that I would expect serious athletes and bodybuilders to probably be familiar with, and none of them are things that a total amateur should ever consider. The only reason I'm even sharing this info is to provide info on how dangerous they are. If you don't have the discipline for caloric restriction, how can you have the discipline for something far more egregious when done wrong?

All other legal 'diet' pills will either be heavily caffeine based or just have a bunch of crap that is statistically not significant to body composition. L-carnitine, yohimbe, etc, etc, won't do what you think they'll do. The effect will be almost non-existent, and you'll have just wasted your money.

Caloric restriction is the greatest and most effective tool you have for weight loss. Stick to it.

Edit: Here's a vice article on DNP.

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