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Posted: 13 May 2019, 18:47
Back on it again so we'll see how disciplined I am - trying to not have wine (trying!!) so we'll see how it goes. Walked Timmy last night after work and although only 2km's was better than what we've both done in a long time. He needs the walk as much if not more than I do so got us both out & about. Once I set my mind to it I CAN do it but I need to get my mind in the right direction - Shannon's turn for a walk tonight but it'll be in the dark as I won't be home until after 7

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Pig out
I agree with Pro Teen. Move on. Next time when you buy a treat just buy a smaller serving
by liv001 on 25 May 19 04:40 PM
Can anyone name a good high protein
The two that I've tried that have been good are ON Gold Standard Whey and multiple flavors by MyProtein. They have really awesome flavors that taste great!
by ProTeen on 25 May 19 04:17 PM
Looking Ahead!!
I was just diagnosed the same. I have been trying to eat 6 smaller meals and use whole wheat bread or pasta as well as Brown rice.One of the tips I read is to eat the fast turning carbs with protein or ...
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Thank you so much! That is exactly what I was looking for<3
by newtoKetoGBT on 21 May 19 01:12 PM
exercising on treadmill
Workout on the treadmill for 45minutes this morning. I did the hill program.
by Phoenix love on 20 May 19 08:39 AM