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Posted: 09 Jan 2019, 08:51
Okay everyone, I have been doing this for many years. I was a personal trainer for 9 years. In the beginning, I did not know how to manipulate calories to control body fat. It wasn't until my 7th year as a trainer that I finally accepted and manipulated the primary mechanism that cause body fat gain and fat burn.
If you eat too many calories (than what YOUR body burns) then your body stores those extra calories (as body fat) Slowly but surely! Note: it takes an accumulation of 3500 over to equal one pound of body fat.
If you are not losing weight it only means that you are eating too many calories. We all know this! But how do we APPLY this knowledge?
This is because of 1 of 3 things
1.) Your calorie goal is too high
2.) Your calorie goal is correct for being in a deficit but are not tracking food accurately (food scale to the gram) thus accidentally going over your calories you "thought" (or better word... "GUESSED"Wink you were eating.
3.) You are not consistent with calorie tracking--let's be honest with ourselves!
Your FatSecret app helps pick this number based on weight, age, sex, weight goal, etc. so use it as a guide. But be accurate. No snacking, and no GUESSING weight (grams) of food!

Then watch your weight daily. See what happens over 2 weeks (take the average of the 14 days to see net weight). This way allows you see what those number of calories does to your body.
The net weight after you do the math is going to be either:
1.) Net weight gain
-means that was too many calories, choose a slightly lower number of calories and try again.
2.) Weight decrease--congratulations! that number of calories = a calorie deficit and you will continue to lose weight at that rate if you stay disciplined!)
3.) Weight stays exactly the same--RARE! typically you are either weighing slightly more or less even if it is 0.2 lbs.

If your net weight loss is only 1 pound or less and want to lose weight a little quicker than that then lower the calorie goal by 50 or 100 calories.
*notice I said a LITTLE quicker! Fast weight loss is harder to maintain as you get to your goal weight because your cut your calories too hard in the beginning and it is harder to continue to lower them as you need to lose the last 10 or 15 lbs.


Stacy is starting fresh and ready to finally do this. She is finally going to commit to being disciplined and lose weight this year. She will forget all the noise about the fad diets that trick people into doing the basic task of eating less calories than what her body burns to accomplish fat loss.

These are the tasks.

Task 1: Set weight goal on FatSecret and allow the app to determine the recommended daily calories she should eat.

It says Recommended daily intake (RDI) says 2100

She weighs herself first thing in the morning and enters her starting weight of 167 lbs.

She ACCURATELY tracks her calories and weighs every type of food on the food scale in either grams (g) or ounces (oz)

Task 2: Once she hits 2100 she is DONE eating for that day. (Stacy learns that she needs to spread these out over the day, so she doesn't get too hungry!)

She does this for 14 consecutive days, weighing in first thing in the morning after the bathroom.

Day 1-
2100 calories logged <-ACCURATELY!! I cannot stress that enough. Don't eat out and avoid recipes of combined food that you cannot accurately weigh and log.
Weight: 167 lbs.
Day 2- 2100 calories
weight: 166.6
Day 3: 2100 Cal
weight: 166.4
Day 4- 2100 Cal
weight: 167
Day 5- 2100 Cal
weight 166.2
Day 6- 2100 calories
weight: 166.6
Day 7: 2100 Cal
weight: 166.4
Day 8- 2100 Cal
weight: 167
Day 9- 2100 Cal
weight 166.2
Day 10- 2100 calories
weight: 165.8
Day 11: 2100 Cal
weight: 165
Day 12- 2100 Cal
weight: 166
Day 13- 2100 Cal
weight 165.4
Day 14- 2100 calories
weight: 165.2

Task 3:

Time to see what 2100 calories accomplishes! Find the net weight (also known as an average)

Add all weights 1-14 (167+166.6+166.4+165+166.2+166.6+166.4+167+166.2+165.8+165+166+165.4+165.2=2326.8
Divide 2326.8 by 14 days (2326.8/14) =166.2 Average weight with 2100 calories= 166 which is a net loss of 1 lb.! <<now that is 1 real pound of body fat! Not water weight or anything else. We need an average to
avoid being distracted by daily fluctuations. Daily weight fluctuations can occur from various things from sodium intake and water retention to just plain biology not being the same all the time. That is why we need consistent data with 14 days to really see what is happening.

So, what does that mean? It means you are in a calorie deficit at a current rate of 0.5 lbs. per week.

If your net weight is GREATER than what you started with then you chose a calorie intake that is too high and needs to lower her calories re-evaluate. If you are still not losing weight and doing this, then lower it slightly more and go again! DO NOT GIVE UP because once you have the correct number of calories it takes to consistently lose weight, then you have the POWER you need to control your body fat. Welcome to having CONTROL Smile

What is next? Choose to keep that current speed of fat burn going or lower your calories by 100 or so (NOT TOO MUCH or you won’t be able to cut them as much later when you get to the last 5-10 lbs.!) and keep going!

WATCH what happens with this kind of disciplined tracking and behavior...you'll wonder why you didn't do this before!

NOW the only hard part is staying on track and not going over calories each day! The good news is that if you went over one day, you can subtract them from the next day or next couple of days.

Today: Oops, I ate 2200 instead of 2100 today! But I was hungry before bed!!
Tomorrow: I will eat 2000 Cal instead of 2100 to make up for yesterday Smile <<NO CARDIO PUNISHMENT-you don’t even know how many calories that is going to burn anyway!!

I know this is a shocker to all of you. But remember that is what every freakin diet on this planet is tricking you to do--lower your calories below maintenance so your body slowly starts to burn fat! It is not magic and you can
do this with any food at all! I have even tested it on a CHIPOTLE ONLY diet which was a delicious experiment! Note: I asked the food items in separate bowls and then added them to an empty plate on a food scale to track them in FatSecret.

Message me with any questions! I dare you to try and yield the same result! It’s just how our body works and it works for EVERYONE!

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Posted: 09 Jan 2019, 14:50
Solid advice. Taking the weight average of consecutive days of weighing was new to me, but it sounds plausible. I've instead tried to standardize my day before weekly weighing, what I eat, when I last drink, etc. This is a bit of a pain, though, and probably still yields less accurate results than taking an average.

Thanks for posting!

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Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 14:13
Agreed. Important points:
1) Lift weights to keep muscle and your metabolism. (Burn fat not weight)
2) Eat that small calorie deficit to burn fat over the long term.

I'm 41 and have done this for 26 years! Although I only started counting calories in recent years it really is how it is all done. At the end of the day lift weights and control you nutrition regularly. I even made a site called 4 Fitness Rules to teach this very concept. https://www.4fitnessrules.com/ Well done helping others. Keep it up!

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