Diet and drinking Beer specifically

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Posted: 08 Aug 2018, 08:49
Hi All - new to this group. Started on 8/1. Sticking (trying) to a 1300 calorie diet. I am a true believer in calories in/out. If you have beer that's within your calorie limit does this help or hurt your diet? Doubt

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Posted: 08 Aug 2018, 11:50
Beer never helps. It's one of the few things that is truly detrimental to any weight loss or fitness goal.

It's carb and sugar alcohol heavy. Your body can't process any other nutrients until it's handled the alcohol. It's dehydrating. It impedes muscle recovery. It suppresses testosterone production.

But some people love it. So if you can work it into your macros go for it, but at 1300 calories you're going to be hard pressed to do so in a healthy manner. A single non-lite beer is going to run you at least 10% of your daily intake. That's huge. Good luck.

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