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Posted: 29 Sep 2008, 01:43
I have seen recently that some gyms in the states are starting to play games for exersice, such as Dodgeball. When we were kids we exersiced and had fun, no as adults we think of exersice as work. It doesn't have to be. It should be fun. I have the advantage of being in Germany working for the US. I go white water rafting in Austria, mountain biking in Switzerland, hiking in the Alps....yes it is fun and great. The point is this is exersice and I have fun doing it. Being here in Germany, I see german families going for walks, bike rides every evening after dinner, as a family. Again exersice! Parents in the yard playing, chasing their kids, playing soccor with them.
Exersice is(can be) fun, if you think of it as work and a chore then it will be.

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Posted: 24 Feb 2018, 10:19
Dodge ball and my favorite is Badminton . Use to play it for hours when I was a kid. We used our concrete sidewalk for the net. Killed all the grass in my moms front yard in a 20 ft section. Gona buy me a set for this year and use it. plus I like to play pitch. A hoola hoop is also good exercise for the waist and hips.

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