Has anyone ever used Garcinia?

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Posted: 15 Aug 2016, 08:32
Hey guys, firstly just want to say, great forum and website Smile

So, after having kids, i found that i put on some weight and its honestly like stubborn weight that i cant get off. i been looking for an extra push and saw that garcinia is great. i have a distant friend that also swears by it

Has anyone here used garcinia cambogia and if so, i would appreciate your opinions


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Posted: 15 Aug 2016, 08:52
I can only speak for myself , I was on it and I had a lot of tummy problems and gas from it I gave it 2 weeks and never got better or never lost a pound. I admit I didn't follow a good diet . good luck with it.

Life is short do it now.

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Posted: 15 Aug 2016, 09:30
Just another scam. It does zip.
Consume whatever foods you prefer, whenever you prefer to consume them, while ensuring nutrient sufficiency and meeting caloric goals.

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Posted: 01 Jan 2017, 07:13
Snake oil.

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Posted: 10 Feb 2017, 17:47
Yes I have used it a few times.

The tablets were expensive and next to useless. I then bought garcinia cambogia powder (hydroxycitric acid [HCA]from a herb supplier and put them in my own capsules (higher percentage of active ingredient) and much cheaper overall. You need to take about 1,000 mg each day.

Taking garcinia cambogia did not make me feel any less hungry than a glass of water or coffee or tea.

I felt better overall-not sure if they helped though for weight loss and you would need a blood test to determine the other benefits.

Research suggests that they may have a positive impact on fat loss and cholesterol but the evidence from scientific research is suggestive rather than conclusive.

Anyhow I have not wasted the powders as it is good in cooking.
Kathy carter

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Posted: 15 Nov 2017, 00:07
Are you tired of weighing yourself only to find that you are still in bracket of overweight? Despite all your efforts, there’s something more which you shouldn’t miss and that is - A Healthy Diet Plan. When you combine efforts with patience then you see a huge difference in your body.
Al P123

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Posted: 13 Jan 2018, 21:10
I tried it as well. No effects at all, it was my start to making the choice to lose weight, I remember staring at the pills at Walmart, one of those moments of ... wait a second, I just ate 2k calories for dinner and I expect a drug to 'cure' me.

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