Cabbage soup diet, or whatever it takes!

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Posted: 17 Jan 2011, 14:31
Looking for buddies to share experiences and to motivate each other with the difficult process of losing weight. It's not easy, but we can do it!!

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Posted: 17 Jan 2011, 17:05
Yes, k63 I accepted your friendship, but don't know if it went through on
I want to be healthy!

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Posted: 22 Jan 2011, 20:08
Hi, k63 and Jerre, I would like to be a buddy also. Just getting ready to start down the path of weight loss again. I have lost 50lbs but the holiday and I put 15 back on. I know I can do it but I need buddy's to help me trough.


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Posted: 06 Dec 2017, 09:20
Anybody on this?
[b][i]"Happiness comes from within"
August 2014
August............down 6 pounds to 172
September.........down 3 pounds to 169
October...........down 4 pounds to 165
November..........down 5 pounds to 160
December..........down 3 pounds to 157
Jan thru March....up/down/up to 157-159
June..............steady between 157-160
beginning July....ok between 157-160
mid to end July...went up to 163.5 (ate out a lot and kids here!)
August............up/down/up from 156-162 end Aug 156
UPDATE 2017 August 170#
UPDATE 2017 December 166#

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Posted: 09 Dec 2017, 03:31
OP--posted this about 7 years ago and the responders have left FS. Is anyone doing this diet? Bueller??

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Looking for new buddies :)
Feel free to add me. I have started a fresh from July and plan to reduce 7 kg in 4 months. Cheers
by batilak on 03 Jul 18 12:19 AM

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