Confused on calorie intake

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lean dreamer

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Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 11:02
My Fitness pal and other tools I have used advise me to eat 1200 calories a day. This app said to eat 1700 calories. I'm confused? Does anyone have some insight they could share?

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Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 11:32
I have same dilemma, guess it really varies a lot. We all have different exercise habits, different body frames, metabolism, and probably tons of other variables. I put myself at 1500 calories but dropped it to 1200 calories yesterday because I am stuck. I would see what works and feels right for you : ) Wink

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Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 11:36
a lot of people - me included - feel the fs site overestimates the calories you need. i would check around on a few sites and take an average. or go with your fitness pal number and see how that works for you.
lean dreamer

Joined: Feb 16
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Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 12:26
Thank you Florida Angel, I also wonder if I selected the correct daily activity level. I went with the one it defaulted too. I think I'm going to stick closer to 1200. Thanks for the reply Wink

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Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 13:13
lean dreamer wrote:
Thank you Florida Angel, I also wonder if I selected the correct daily activity level.

Always use sedentary (no activity). It's just an estimate. Then go from there. If you're losing weight, perfect, the estimate was pretty good. If you're maintaining, then it overestimated, time to cut back. If you're gaining, big overestimation, time to seriously cut back.

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Posted: 18 Feb 2016, 02:22
You would be surprised how similar our bodies are. There are variables, but the difference is not that much as to confuse people. 1200 is good. However, calories are not the only thing to watch. Fat, salt, carbs, and fiber are other factors as well.

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