Can Walking Help Lose Weight

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Posted: 19 Aug 2013, 06:08
Well. I figured everyone knew walking was very healthy and helps with weight loss.

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Posted: 19 Aug 2013, 06:44
Yes. The important thing is you get moving: elevate your heart rate, keep it elevated for 20-30 minutes and do it 3+ times a week. A brisk walk is better than a casual stroll.

Now, about hating exercise, I'm willing to bet that isn't true. Maybe you hate fitness classes or using the gym... but there it's probably something you enjoy doing. What I did ( and may help you) is make a list off activities that I stuck with over my life time. Even if I only did the activity for a year, even if it was something I did in grade school, it went on the list. Then, I tried to figure out what all those things had in common.

My list contained: gymnastics (all of grade school), swimming/ diving, Drill team, rifle team and belly dancing (probably because my mom took classes and I just kind of went along). So, I figured out I like competitive sports and being on a team, but I don't like sports in which the team's outcome depended on my individual performance.

I think if you made a similar list, you'd find stuff you like to do too.

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Posted: 19 Aug 2013, 08:02
I think one of the great underrated benefits of walking for weight loss is that it is an activity you would likely schedule when you are bored, so it takes you away from the house and the kitchen when you might be looking in the refrigerator for something to do.

Exercise in general is a tool for weight loss only when you control your diet strictly; otherwise the extra hunger most people feel will result in eating up to appetite and maintaining your weight. Statistics show that exercise without a diet does not result in significant weight loss, regardless of all the health benefits.

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