Any tips on dealing with hormonal appetite increases?

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Posted: 30 Oct 2007, 16:56
Has anyone found any vitamins or foods that help curb this hole in my stomach that I get everytime it's THAT time of the month, when the hormones are going haywire??? Doubt

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Posted: 30 Oct 2007, 17:14
Taking primrose oil gelcaps help my PMS symptoms. Drinking more water helps too. Overall, it just helps to be aware that you have cravings during your TOM and not keep those things around.

I know this sounds a little different, and it takes an open mind, but I found that eating seaweed (nori sold as sushi wrappers or dulse also found in asian section of market) keeps me from craving chocolate. I think there is some minerals that I crave that must be found in both.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2007, 21:31
Lots of "free" veggies and water...
granola type bars with chocolate chips or drizzle or whatever, helps too
basically answer your cravings but with healthier options
I'm a chocolate kinda girl when the hormones visit, so chocolate granola bars work for me (real chocolate, not carob or something else fake)

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Posted: 07 Nov 2007, 09:36
Lots of water!
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